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Team VI Ecotours

Welcome to our fundraising page!

Click the Sponsor our Team link to help our team buy time and ensure our victory in the St. John Chaotic Kayak
Race ( on Sunday, August 11th to benefit TRR's Wounded Veterans USVI Program and to race in memory of Cody Irons!

For every $100 we raise, we will be awarded a 5 second head start in the race!

Please donate now and show some love!

  • Goal $1,000.00
  • Raised $1,100.00
Top Donations
  • The Tuite Family, Bonnie, Brian, Cooper Fruge, and my Oklahomies - $460.00
  • Scott Hurwitz - $100.00
  • Madeline Cole - $95.00
  • Cessna Family - $80.00
  • Christina Ring - $75.00
Donor Date Amount Message
Toni and Doug Riess 8/9/2019 $25.00 See you soon! Love you!!
Christina Ring 8/9/2019 $75.00
Madeline Cole 8/8/2019 $95.00 You better buy me a drink for this bubs
Jerry Cole 8/8/2019 $50.00 Go baby Grady!!!
Cessna Family 8/5/2019 $80.00
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